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The Story

There are days when the doors are open, that people come into the church and say, “the church is so beautiful, I never knew it was here.” There's a treasure in the middle of Salem, waiting to be discovered.

After attending services here for a while, these same people began to discover that there is something beautiful in themselves and others that they never noticed before.  All of us are treasures in the middle of Salem waiting to be discovered.

Everyone is welcome here. The hope is that while you are here, experiencing this community,

 you too will say, “Yes, the church is beautiful, but inside you can find yourself in God."

The Mission

The mission of Grace Church is to 

unconditionally include all people to build a faithful Episcopal congregation that through prayer, presence and partnering improves the quality of life by bringing everyone closer to God.

Please join the mission.

Alexander at Young and Restless.jpg

 The community is richly diverse, people coming together to worship and serve together.  Anyone seeking God’s love is welcome to add their unique views and gifts to this fellowship - the doors are open to every soul, wherever they may be in their spiritual journey. 

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