Grace Church in Salem

385 Essex Street Salem MA 01970 978-744-2796 The Rev. Deborah Phillips, Rector Mark Engelhardt, Lay Associate

Who We Are

The Mission of Grace Church

The mission of Grace Church is to unconditionally invite all people to join us in building a faithful Episcopal congregation that goes out into the community; and through prayer, presence, and partnering improves the quality of life by bringing everyone closer to God.


We are a parish in the  Diocese of Massachusetts.

Our primary focus is the Sunday morning worship. We gather to hear the Word, offer prayers and receive the sacrament. This experience causes us to go out into the world and share our stories of grace and the gifts God gives us. Our sacraments include Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Confession, Anointing and Burial of the Dead. All baptized Christians can receive communion and, after training, can be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. Marriage at Grace Church requires that you are a pledging member and have been regularly attending for the last 6 months. Everyone who is baptized can have a funeral in the church.