Grace Church in Salem

385 Essex Street Salem MA 01970 978-744-2796 The Rev. Deborah Phillips, Rector Mark Engelhardt, Lay Associate

Our Gardens

The Gardens and Brick Walkway

Nestled in the McIntyre District, Grace Church offers a respite from the busy-ness of the city.

Our gardens serve two purposes. They offer beauty and refreshment and they are places of remembrance. There are four gardens that commemorate special people and events in our lives.

The Quinlan Memorial Garden is located along the side of the church. This garden, in memory of Virginia and David Quinlan, is our place of burial for the cremated remains of those affiliated with Grace Church.

The Louise Zavaglia Memorial Garden, found on the side lawn, is a place for reflection as one sits upon the bench.

The St. Francis Garden is next to the Quinlan Garden. This peaceful spot is our place of interment for beloved pets.

The Brickway offers a place on the front lawn of the grounds to sit and enjoy the surrounding gardens. Many of the bricks are engraved with the dates of special events and people in the lives of members of Grace Church and the community.

Support for these Gardens:

Quinlan Memorial Garden - $500 for the interment of ashes. Applications for this garden may be obtained through the Grace Church Office at 978-744-2796.

St. Francis Garden - $100 for the burial of a pet. Applications for this garden may be obtained through the Grace Church Office and All Creatures Veterinary Clinic.

The Brickway - $100 for each commemorative brick includes the engraving and installation into the walkway. Applications may be obtained through the Grace Church Office.