Grace Church in Salem

385 Essex Street Salem MA 01970 978-744-2796 The Rev. Deborah Phillips, Rector Mark Engelhardt, Lay Associate

Celtic Evensong is currently live stream only until it is safe to gather in person

Every Sunday at 4:00 pm, the candlelit church is set up for meditation, prayer and music from the Celtic tradition. In place of a sermon, a reflection is offered by anyone moved to share an encounter they've had with the holy, or a poem or writing that brought them closer to God.

Those present are invited to move about the space as they wish, lighting candles at our two altars or to receive the laying on of hands or prayers. The service concludes with communion (gluten-free bread is offered).

The music is played live, usually on piano, flute and guitar. Everyone is invited to come and encounter God's quiet, yet profound grace.

Why a Celtic Service in an Episcopal Church?

The liturgies of the Episcopal Church is descended not just from the original Sarum rite, but also from the traditions of the British Isles and Ireland. Our first Bishop was consecrated in Scotland and many of our prayers and hymns have Celtic roots. It was only after the Council of Whitby in 664 that the church in this part of the world was made to conform to Rome.

We honor this aspect of our heritage with these services which hold up the dignity of all creation, the power of God to heal, the importance of hospitality and welcome, and the innate goodness of every human being.

We hope we can offer you a sacred place as you continue on your journey.